The Vision Of The Saintly Nun Catherine

rudolph tomb


The vision of the Saintly Catherine was given to Francis Joseph and Sisi some years before Rudolph’s mysterious death. After Mayerling the saintly nun was contacted again by Dr. Marschall. This is the combined vision:


‘If The Crown Prince continues to persist in his futile  excesses the father will lose what he holds dearest on earth. In an explosion of insanity the idol of a powerful empire will pass away like a dream. He will die like the hero of a gloomy saga…..


…….I saw it all. There is no need for me to come to Vienna. There would only be many confusing questions which I have no desire to answer. But tell the Emperor he may rest in peace in his grief. There is no need to deprive the Crown Prince’s unfortunate soul of Christian charity. Requiem masses may continue to be said for the peace of his soul. Tell the Emperor that his son did not commit suicide. He was murdered. It would have been easy enough for the Imperial Court to find the guilty person if it had wanted to do so….’


3 thoughts on “The Vision Of The Saintly Nun Catherine”

  1. Thanks for another informative site. Where else could I get that type of information written in such a perfect manner? I’ve a project that I am simply now running on, and I have been at the glance out for such info.


    1. It is the second crucial fact discovered by Judith Listowel in her book ‘Habsburg Tragedy’ The first crucial fact is that she confirmed through the kindred of the last man to possess the metal box of concealed evidence that the death of General Rudolph was a MILITARY HIT courtesy of the Gravedigger of the Habsburgs. a hit by Roll Commanders and others.

      Graves in his book says five were involved in the hit including a brother of Mad Mary (to implicate him to shut up the family) and another book confirms a very suspicious insider — the cook — to key them in. my own investigation confirms the ringleader to be a pal of Willie —- Coburg. a man without an alibi for almost 24 hours.

      I repeat IT WAS A MILITARY HIT. So the saintly Catherine in her second sight from her nunnery confirmed the fact it was a MILITARY HIT.

      Like all military hits it was based on a star chamber court martial and was signed off by the entire CHAIN OF COMMAND up to the logical top : FRANCIS JOSEPH. An affair with a nutter does not warrant a military hit. Catholic countries considered affairs to be perfectly acceptable if done by rules. no evidence proves General Rudolph wanted a divorce (his wife did ) and he had a long time significant other. no evidence proves Mary was anything but a delusional stalker. affairs do not warrant military hits in Catholic countries.

      but the SCANDAL OVER BISMARCK’S BLUNDERING FAILURE TO ROLL OUT GERMANY’S NEW COMMISSION INFANTRY RIFLE IS. How is General Rudolph involved in that when his own roll out of Austria’s rifle was great? GENERAL RUDOLPH KNEW THROUGH HIS POSITION ABOUT BISMARCK’S BLUNDERING OF GERMANY’S ROLL OUT AND IF HE BLABBED TO ANYONE IT COULD LEAVE GERMANY WIDE OPEN TO A WAR WHICH IT WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOSE. Hence the military hit. this is why you have to think of Rudolph not as Crown Prince or Archduke but his job: General overseeing the military roll out of an advanced form of technology: the semi automatic rifle. every nation with an army was desperately rolling out their own version of the revolutionary rifle. the nation caught without a gun would lose any coming war. hence this was EXECUTION OVER THE GUN CRISIS AND NOT A ROMANTIC TWIDDLE OVER A DELUSIONAL NUTTER.

      GENERAL RUDOLPH DIED BECAUSE OF A GUN CRISIS WHICH EFFECTED THE TOP MILITARY POWERS TO BE IN AUSTRIA AND GERMANY DURING A PERIOD OF ANTICIPATED APPROACHING WAR. Did General Rudolph commit military treason? Or was Bismarck and the Gravedigger panicked? That is what the rest of my research is about. But the saintly nun’s vision also pinned the MURDER on the Austrian Court: therefore Francis Joseph. this is a paranormal smoking gun. also the fact Stephanie blabbed to her lover a month before Mayerling that Rudolph would die there under suspicious ‘suicide’ conditions. no romantic suicide is planned for over a month and a military hit is not a suicide. Even if Rudolph knew he was facing a military hit and was told as an officer and gentleman to kill himself before he was killed that is not suicide. it is a form of execution. if he did not die voluntarily but was ordered to shoot himself or else be shot it is still murder. as the nun’s vision confirmed.

      the top of the military food chain is Francis Joseph. as the nun also confirmed. no one would do a military hit unless Francis Joseph signed off on it. so the nun’s vision is paranormal evidence which supports other evidence that Mayerling is a MILITARY HIT which ended up a screwed up mess for complex reasons.

      I finished this site a year ago and unless there is new crucial evidence there is nothing left for me to add. of course if there is crucial new evidence I will add a page. But til then I will stand on my research. jef


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