Addendum: A Ricardo Detour Through Eurabia.A Warning About The Death Of Rudolph’s Europe


Crown Prince Rudolph The Secret Files proudly presents this Addendum:

A Ricardo Detour Through Eurabia. A Warning About The Death Of Rudolph’s Europe. A free Amazon e book coming in March of 2016!

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This addendum also covers the present events occurring in Rudolph’s beloved Europe and Great Britain in the face of uncontrollable migration from Islamic failed states.

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Will the Great Displacement lead to the extinction of Europeans and their values and ideals and beliefs which Rudolph incarnated? And will the Great Replacement lead to the extinction of Europe as we know it?

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Will Eurabia be a paradise on earth or else a future nightmare failed state? Or else, as many Millennials believe, will Europe and Great Britain become the latest bloody chapter in a very long war called the ‘Clash of Civilizations?

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And what would Rudolph think about the apparent collective suicide of Western Europe which is unfolding? Would Rudolph agree with the Millennials of Generation Identity that ‘If you ask us why we died it is because our fathers lied’?

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Europe is bleeding! The screams of the raped and the violated are crying out for justice. But Liberal Media is stonewalling their screams. Concealing their anguish. And covering up their mangled flesh and blood. The past of Europe is weeping as it is erased. Deliberately distorted and besmirched and eradicated. And the Future is screaming as it is sold to the highest bidder.

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The ancient ideals of the Greco Roman World are being smashed. The beauty of the Renaissance is being vandalized. The ideals of the Enlightenment are being betrayed. The wonders and the paradoxes of the Nineteenth Century are being ridiculed. The grace and refinement of the Beau Epoch are being trashed. The tragedy and the triumph of the Twentieth Century are being violated. The Freedoms and the Prosperity of the Twenty First Century are being destroyed. The history and legacy of Europe are being mangled and butchered.

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The Light that is Europe is going out! Deliberately extinguished! Two thousand years of living and fighting and bleeding and dying by the ancestors of every European is being betrayed. And there is not one Westerner who is not indebted one way or the other to our collective ancestors: the Europeans! And every loyal migrant from the far flung corners of the world who proudly embrace the West and everything it represents is the inheritor of the Europeans who first created this beau thing: The West.

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But now the West is being betrayed. And their collective sacrifices and their dreams and their hopes and their achievements are being betrayed.

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The Great Displacement is rapidly ushering in the Great Replacement. And the first modern Advanced World of Europe is turning into the Third World nightmare failed state of Eurabia.

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Don’t let Merkel’s favorite bed side reading ‘Visions Of 2050′ , become the future of Europe!

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Join the fight! Join the Generation Identity Millennials! Help them fight for their rightful future! A future they deserve! A future they are entitled to! A future the corrupt are conspiring to deny them! Join Generation Identity!

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