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Mayerling did not start out infamous. Mayerling  was a less than luxurious hunting lodge converted from a farm estate in the woodlands which were fast becoming a bedroom suburb community one half hour from Vienna by the many commuter trains. Rudolph bought it when he was promoted to Inspector General of Infantry in charge of the development of modern gunnery for the Austro Hungarian Army.

There was an arms rush on as every modern army rushed to develop the convergence of three radical new gunnery inventions: the repeater rifle which boasted the first magazine, the full metal jacket bullet to put inside the magazine and nitro powder to fill the bullet to put inside the magazine. Whoever developed the three technologies first would win the next war.

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And the next war was projected to occur in 1889 or else 1890. Every newspaper was warning and the French were preparing to pull up drafts. The  stock markets were gyrating accordingly.

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Sure! For complex reasons mostly having to do with the teething pains of developing this revolutionary gunnery and ammo  the war was delayed and delayed and delayed until 1914. But the weapons being developed between 1888 and 1895 would with only minor modifications become the weapons used in WW1.

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So it is ironic that Mayerling was Rudolph’s first and only purchase of a home with money from his 800 guilders a month as Inspector General of Infantry overseeing the development of modern gunnery. Today no one remembers the mad rush of modern industrial armies to revolutionize their gunnery for a war in 89 or 90 —- which failed to occur until 1914. Instead, Mayerling is only remembered for a gun which went off twice —despite the fact the gun in question went off six times and  was a civilian gun not owned by Rudolph.

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And 1950s forensic experts including Dr. Holler, Dr. Judtmann, and Dr. Hollaender proved that Mary was most likely bludgeoned to death and  was absolutely not shot in either temple. And  Habsburg Royals whispered that Rudolph died of multiple wounds from bludgeoning by a champagne bottle to gruesome defensive wounds from a saber  to two bullet wounds through the skull — including a ‘suicide’ wound delivered from left to right despite being a right handed man.


So the pursuit of modern gunnery later used to wage WW1 led to a mysterious gun found tossed on a side table at Mayerling where the officer in charge of development of modern gunnery died mysteriously as both paramilitary  Roll Commandos  and Prussian officers wearing brand new hunting togs prowled about outside.

And this mysterious death is presented as a straight forward romantic double suicide which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the officer’s job or his role in developing state of the art modern gunnery which also allowed him access into a dangerously faltering program to develop modern gunnery in a rival country which was being concealed by the highest authorities despite the rapid approach of another European war.

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If you heard on tonight’s news that a key military officer in charge of developing the next generation of  modern weaponry crucial for the nation’s defense has just  died mysteriously while paramilitary CIA agents and also Iranian agents were prowling outside his isolated and unsecured hunting cabin while  a mysterious female linked to Russian agents and a blackmailer  was found inside the cabin bludgeoned, and  the military officer was likewise found to have sustained bludgeoning as well as other multiple suspicious wounds including a left to right ‘temple suicide’ wound when the man was right handed,  and likewise a mystery gun and  suicide note was found, the suicide note featuring the man’s old style of handwriting which since a concussion some few months ago had dramatically changed, would you accept it as just another romantic double suicide?


Are you really going to say the military officer’s job overseeing the development of modern gunnery had absolutely no connection to his mysterious death?

Really? Really?  

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When the military officer’s job was overseeing the development of state of the art ultra modern gunnery crucial to win or else lose the next war which every news source was predicting was about to happen?

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And that military officer’s job likewise allowed him top secret access into a rival nation’s dangerously floundering modern gunnery program which featured expensive prototypes which were blowing up and maiming and even killing soldiers involved in the top secret tests? Are you really going to tell me that has absolutely no connection to that military officer’s mysterious death?

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And that military officer not only knew that this rival nation’s modernization program was floundering. He knew that potentially disastrous floundering  was also being covered up. Stonewalled. Concealed. Lied about. That military officer knew that the  head of the rival country was being lied to by the  military about the full extent of the unfolding disaster. Despite a war predicted to happen very soon. For which this rival country was dangerously unprepared. The failure of the modern gunnery program dangerously impacting the ability of that rival country to survive the war if that war came. The failure of that modern gunnery program absolutely endangering the common soldier on the ground both  with defective weaponry and with his ability  to fight the enemy and survive.

And this military officer’s country was allied to that rival country. So if that rival country waged a war it was dangerously unprepared to wage then it would not only drag itself down to disastrous defeat, it would drag its ally down to disastrous defeat. And that military officer did not know if he should go over the head of his supreme commander to warn his commander in chief who was still totally ignorant of the unfolding events. Are you telling me that could not possibly be  connected to any mysterious events which occurred to that military officer?

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Are you really going to tell me that military officer’s mysterious death in a remote hunting lodge surrounded by ten paramilitary Roll Commandos who are also assassins and five spies from that floundering military gunnery program dressed up in fake couture  were not the least bit connected to  that military man’s death? Or the deaths of that officer’s dog, chief gamekeeper, a servant called Max, and a missing servant called Otto?

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And are you telling me that a reluctant female  agent being blackmailed by enemy spies to deliver the female corpse to the crime scene who also  died mysteriously within two weeks of the crime scene deaths  was not connected? That her murder was not tying up loose ends? And that her role in events and sinister death was not  connected to the mysterious deaths at the highly suspicious crime scene?


Or the fact a hired cook who usually did not work at the hunting lodge of the military officer fled the crime scene  with household monies and wallets and was found murdered within some two weeks in an expensive hotel she should not have been able to afford? Are you telling me that death could not possibly be  connected?

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And the fact a close friend and handler of that military officer was likewise found dead mysteriously and his townhouse was found searched and trashed by mysterious agents? Are you telling that death could not possibly be  related?

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And the fact a close friend of that military officer frantically ordered his son to quickly find secret documents hidden in his desk and burn them? Are you telling me that has absolutely no connection to the military officer’s mysterious death?

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And the fact that military officer had been defying ultimatums of the high command to resign in disgrace despite a highly successful modernization program which that military officer was defying? Are you telling me that played absolutely no role in that military officer’s suspicious death?


The fact that military officer was demanding a public court martial to defend himself against accusations? The fact his demand for a public defense of serious accusations of incompetence, insubordination, leaking top secret intel to the enemy, involvement with mysterious conspiracies, and high treason was denied because of national security? Then his sudden death in a remote hunting lodge surrounded by paramilitary Roll Commandos and also proven spies from another country’s foundering weaponry program? Are you telling me that played absolutely no role in that military officer’s mysterious death?

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The five spies sighted loitering suspiciously at the front gates of  the crime scene who have been  proven by a photograph in a picked pocketed wallet to be linked to that rival nation’s floundering weaponry modernization? These five spies known to also be connected to the reluctant female agent who delivered the female corpse to the crime scene and then was liquidated to tie up loose ends? Are you telling me they could not be connected to the mysterious death?


A link made all the more disturbing because of the proven fact their floundering weaponry modernization program  engaged in industrial espionage of top secret weaponry patents and copyrights stolen from four other rival nations’ weaponry modernization programs?  With at least one of those robberies of state of the art weaponry patents now all but proven to be reverse industrial espionage deliberately ‘leaked’ by a double agent to sabotage that rival nation’s weaponry program with a ‘fatal gift’?  A ‘fatal gift’ which was actually dangerously bogus in order to cripple that rival nation’s weaponry modernization program to its very core? Are you telling me that could not have played a role in the military’s officer’s highly suspicious death?

And the military officer who died so mysteriously  knew about the industrial espionage of his own nation’s patents and copyrights by this rival nation. And this military officer also knew about the probable reverse industrial espionage and the ‘fatal gift’ which quite possibly fatally crippled that rival nation’s entire weaponry modernization program. He might have even aided and abetted it. Or at the very least he withheld information or warning about it.  Are you telling me that absolutely did not play a role in that military officer’s mysterious death?

And the fact the handler of the female corpse found at the crime scene was a proven blackmailer and extortionist  who tried to extort 24,000 which was almost one half of the dead man’s entire stipend for the year and then extorted 10,000 which was why  the dead man said she ‘works for my misfortune’ who helped the other suspicious female spy working for the enemy  to deliver the female corpse, a mentally unstable female,  to the crime scene was not in any way connected to the mysterious crime scene? Even when the both females  deliberately aided and abetted and even  provided this mentally unstable girl  with an unregistered poison, gun, and forged invitation?  Are you telling me that played absolutely no role to the fatal events which occurred at that crime scene?

crown- prince-rudolph-smoking-1888- demons

And the fact all of the evidence of that crime scene was hastily locked away for reasons of national security because the ruler’s very grip on power was threatened could not possibly be misconstrued?  And the fact  mysterious agents and power players for the government gathered up all of the evidence and locked it away and have never ever released the evidence to the press or the public since the crime? Are you telling me that is not a conspiracy to conceal a highly suspicious murder? In fact a military hit? An assassination ordered from the very top?

mayerling-crown-prince-rudolph-last-mayerling-smoking4 framed

And the fact all of the evidence cited in the  military man’s autopsy summarization has never been released to the press or public but instead locked away and restricted for reasons of national security? Are you telling me that has absolutely no suspicious connotations whatsoever? And the fact that despite all statute of limitations and freedom of information acts all of the evidence has continued to be restricted and kept from public access is not suspicious? Are you really telling me there are no sirens going off now inside your head?

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So was Mayerling a simple sordid double suicide? Or was Mayerling a military hit? Why don’t we review all of the evidenced that has eluded Taaffe’s infamous metal box? Shall we?

mayerling on map

Mayerling was linked by train from Vienna to Baden where hacks or carriages finished the commute. This is important because a secretary to Rudolph accidentally took the same train as Mary. So Fritsche watched Mary climb out of the carriage of Countess Wimpffen, a creature of von Holstein, and enter the Vienna Train Station sans luggage or lady’s maid but clutching a muff tightly to her skin tight dress as if holding something precious to her heart. Mary was  flush of face and excited. Later the secretary debarked at Baden and likewise saw Mary debark to hire a commercial hack to head off toward Mayerling.

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Bratfisch the cabbie extraordinarie to Rudolph told the secretary that Mary appeared uninvited to Mayerling while  waving a forced invitation as well as carrying something. He said no one was expecting her. Rudolph brought tons work to do. Bratfisch had to help Rudolph carry his briefcases into the improvised Mayerling office.

briefcase 3 saying that mayerling-was-not-what-everyone-said-it-was-.jpg saying that mayerling-was-not-what-everyone-said-it-was-.jpg

briefcase 2

mayerling rudolph 14

brief case 1

mary young and mad- 22 framed

mary nude death 13

For over a month Mary had been  speaking  of killing herself for love of Rudolph and even talking of a double suicide —- while waving supposed love letters from Rudolph written in her own handwriting while dunning Rudolph for 10,000 which was one quarter of his entire yearly Hofburg stipend.

Meanwhile  Rudolph made jokes about supplying the Vetsera clan to free tickets to Monte Carlo —- ONE WAY — while telling people like Lady Paget and Coburg that he found Mary’s advances and love tokens offensive and he wished someone would do something about Mary. He  also said that Mary’s friend  ‘Marie [Larisch] works for my misfortune’. Yet, to this day Myth of Mayerling Romantics insist the poison which Hoyos gibbered that Mary threatened to use and also the mysterious civilian gun with ‘all chambers previously discharged’ did not arrive with Mary. How else did a poison and gun not signed out by legal means arrive then? And who would allow a suicidal girl to sign out poison or buy a gun?

And who would know that Rudolph would commit suicide at Mayerling on January 30th  some six weeks before to tell her lover who later gossiped with a Catholic priest on board a lonely ship between one and two days before Mayerling actually occurred? Actually there is a way! Read the Paramatta Mystery and find out!

stephanie murderess framed so-he-would-not-be-suspected.jpg so-he-would-not-be-suspected.jpg

Would  Rudolph, a military man with many fine military guns, decide to bring untested poison and an unknown civilian gun to Mayerling? And why bring an untested poison and an unknown civilian gun along with briefcases of work? And then why calendar a fresh appointment to bellow at some poor Hungarian politician called Karolyi whom he  ordered to train immediately to Vienna to be confronted by a bellowing Rudolph in person ? Why  launch half a dozen bellowing telegrams at this poor chap but not bother to telegraph one religious man while he was still alive? And the supposed post death telegrams have never been confirmed or produced to be authenticated to this very day, only quoted from, the quotes taken out of context but the actual telegrams never released in their entirety ever.

And during all of this  last day on earth Rudolph cold bloodedly kept Mary locked (?) in the Stephanie Suite while acting as if she did not exist. Meanwhile Rudolph alternated between writing  an academic article about Godollo and trying to salvage  a military defense bill about the importance of German as the command language in the Austro Hungarian Army. For a reputed cowardly, hysterical, suicidal  romantic Rudolph is acting amazingly cold blooded! As if well……

cold hand of death-demons-framed

….. as if he had ice water in his veins ……

And remember Bratfisch said Mary invited herself sans luggage or lady’s maid but waving a forged invitation   and that Rudolph did not expect her. Bratfisch said Rudolph was planning to do work at Mayerling. And by Jove! Rudolph did work at Mayerling! To hell with the uninvited Mary! Even an academic article about Godollo was more important to Rudolph than Mary! This is not exactly the behavior of a lover! A workaholic perhaps who was pissed off that Mary invited herself to Mayerling and could not be gotten rid of now! But not a lover! And would a romantic suicide work so obsessively including writing a letter to Weilen apologizing about not finishing that academic article about Godollo and placing it in the Out Box. And Bratfisch said that was the last letter he saw before Coburg materialized!

mayerling rudolph close up- 3 framed

And likewise the Myth of Mayerling Romantics decline to speculate where Mary got that forged invitation to invite herself to Mayerling (per Bratfisch). Myth of Meyerling Romantics likewise fail to explain  how the mysterious civilian handgun discharged all six chambers before being tossed on a side table in Rudolph’s bedroom. Likewise the Myth of Mayerling Romantics decline to speculate why a suicidal girl was not arrested by secret police who followed her for two hours as she ‘pretended’ to elude them with a laughing Larisch before being transferred to the carriage of Wimpffen a creature of von Holstein whose mortgaged townhouse had become a ‘Nest of Viper’s ie Prussian spies? Personally I choose to connect the dots to their logical conclusion:

Mary brought the illegal and untraceable civilian hand gun and also the poison to Mayerling. And there is only one reason why Mary would do that: Love & Death —- with or without Rudolph’s active participation. After all, if all chambers discharged in that notorious civilian hand gun before it was tossed on a side table in Rudolph’ room then clearly Rudolph ducked! How unromantic!

Then clearly Mary was locked into the Stephanie Suite so Rudolph could pretend she did not exist and work furiously for the last day of his life on an academic article on Godollo while bellowing telegraphically at a poor Hungarian politician before ranting furiously at Hoyos about that poor politician well toward midnight!  Rudolph is one cold blooded bastard! Rudolph the Great Lover? Please!

Besides his notorious ‘failure to raise to the occasion’ unless drunk and his impotence because of gonorrhea  his last day and evening were spent ignoring Mary while worrying about an academic article and a military defense bill declaring German to be the command language for the military! Rudolph’s priorities were clearly elsewhere! extorted-thousands-from-rudolph-while-trying to pimp-mary-while-possibly-working-for-von-Holstein --- as Mary's 'best friend' she was her 'liaison' between mary and Rudolph --- except there is no evidence Rudolph ever gave mary anything and indeed expressed shock to his friends about Mary's delusions- did larisch feed mentally unstable mary with delusional junk-phony tokens- such out of trash cans - knowing mary was an erotic-maniac?.jpg extorted-thousands-from-rudolph-while-trying to pimp-mary-while-possibly-working-for-von-Holstein — as Mary’s ‘best friend’ she was her ‘liaison’ between mary and Rudolph — except there is no evidence Rudolph ever gave mary anything and indeed expressed shock to his friends about Mary’s delusions- did larisch feed mentally unstable mary with delusional junk-phony tokens- such out of trash cans – knowing mary was an erotic-maniac?.jpg

mayerling floor plan

The secretary to Rudolph had a double agent inside the ‘Nest of Viper’s ie the townhouse of Wimpffen named Koinoff. The dubious Polish gambler and double agent had heretofore delivered top notch intel on von Holstein the Spy Master of Bismarck before he mysteriously vanished the week of Mayerling.

Some of Koinoff’s last intel concerned forgeries of Rudolph’s handwriting by von Holstein’s pet rodent Smutty Petri an ex-cleric and known ‘Venus And Furs’ sadist enthusiast who was as famous for manufacturing sordid sex scandals as he was famous for manufacturing forgeries to destroy the enemies of Bismarck. After all, just killing enemies  isn’t good enough. You must not only destroy the man but also his honor and reputation or else the victim becomes a martyr or lingering idol for enemies to rally behind.

The double agent also warned Fritsche that spies of von Holstein were asking where Mayerling was located, the floor plan, the security or lack of security , and who worked there. Berlin  even knew that Rudolph had hung a portrait of Ludwig of Bavaria in his bedroom after the poor man was murdered. Please check out his death portrait with blood oozing out of his mouth and say he ‘drowned’!.

ludwig death[1]

The poor man’s death was a patent von Holstein sex-scandal/’suicide’ (after being ‘arrested’ and condemned insane because of his closet homosexuality). His bullet riddled corpse was likewise declared ‘suicide’ though Bavarian royals for decades kept the bullet riddled coat to prove Ludwig was assassinated.

Ludwig was about to blab about the ‘reptile fund’ of Bismarck used to buy off Ludwig and other minor princes to cobble all of the German Principalities together into the Imperial Second Reich. Bismarck did not want his payola publicized.

Koinoff said the spies of von Holstein considered the hanging of that portrait of Ludwig  a double dare on the part of Rudolph as if saying ‘Come and get me!’

mayerling rudolph long shot 8


After Mayerling the secretary to Rudolph returned to his townhouse too late to see a delayed letter stamped Liverpool with a final warning from Koinoff:

‘Keep your closest attention on the Archduke’s lower household. Any harm that comes to His Highness will be the work of persons near to him who are in close collusion with Berlin.’

bismarck title

By the time Frische returned to Vienna the part time cook of Rudolph who was at Mayerling had fled. And she fled  with the household money, wallets of Hoyos and Rudolph left in the billiards room, and other money. She was shortly found murdered in a hotel room she should not have been able to afford. And this was after Weiner the gamekeeper died and also Max and Otto the local servants at Mayerling died or else fled and shortly before Countess Wimpffen was found dead. Chance? Please! And Rudolph’s dog was found dead at Mayerling too! Did Rudolph shot his dog as well?  For a simple double suicide Mayerling boasted a heck of a lot of corpses! And some six months later Rudolph’s handler  Bombelles died mysteriously and his townhouse was searched before his corpse was not yet cold! And Latour told his son to destroy secret papers in his desk before he ended up like Bombelles! Do you still think this is a simple lover’s suicide?

mayering mary bound 4 framed

After Mary was secured in the Stephanie Suite she was attended by  the only female at Mayerling. Who was she? Well!Contrary to urban myths hard evidence indicates that Rudolph only invited males or else his daughter to Mayerling. And he only invited males for shooting and not for orgies. And Mayerling was infamous only for being rather humble (compared with richer archdukes) and shockingly  informal.  And the  occasions often featured Bratfisch as both entertainment and cook with Rudolph serving as Bratfisch’s  assistant cook! And Rudolph’s servants (other than his and other guests’ valets) were only local males. Pleasants. And not the sort of peasant to dress up in fancy footman togs either!

So  for that fateful occasion the only female at Mayerling  was a part time and famously greedy  cook. And that female cook  would have been the only person per Victorian protocols of respectability  to guard and sedate the hysterical Mary who was  locked (per Hoyos who said Mary was upstairs) in the Stephanie Suite. No man could handle a female who chose to come sans luggage or lady’s maid or even knickers. And why was that cook there when usually Bratfisch and Rudolph did the cooking? Remember what Koinoff warned Fritsche about? Someone was working below stairs for Rudolph who was also working for von Holstein!

That greedy cook probably arranged  to get herself assigned to Mayerling in order to be the insider needed by the Roll Commandos and Coburg. She was fatally trusted by Rudolph to keep Mary secured and probably sedated . Instead, she aided and abetted the unleashing of Mary in all of her au natural madness while unlocking the back staircase and also unlocking the door to allow Coburg and the Roll Commandos (and possibly Lietenant Vetsera) entry into Mayerling to surprise Rudolph and Hoyos. Hence causing the death of the gamekeeper Weiner and Rudolph’s loyal dog and then the death or fleeing of Max and Otto the local servants..

mary au natural 1

So by default only the female part time cook (who was famous for her greed as well as her good cooking) could have been assigned to handle Mary after she discharged all six chambers of her civilian revolver and then stripped at some point from her skin tight couture and corset which required help of a lady’s maid —- or else the cook—- before Mary commenced scribbling suicides notes  au natural. There was no other  way for Mary to get  au natural, much less get out of the Stephanie Suite.

The Stephanie Suite was right above Rudolph’s ground floor bedroom and a back staircase connected the two suites. Normally the back staircase was kept locked (which was why Loschek did not bother to try it at 7:30 AM). And after discharging all six chambers of her revolver Mary would  be locked in too. She  rehearsed her death scene  au natural in the Stephanie Suite while bribing the greedy cook who was attending to her.

mary nude 16-framed

mary nude 19-framed

But the lower household have household keys to the entire household. That is routine in Victorian servants below stairs protocols. The cook could have accessed the keys to both lock Mary in and if bribed unlocked Mary and also unlock the back staircase.

No one knows who murdered the cook later but Countess Wimpffen was also murdered within some two weeks of Mayerling as well. So floor plans and greedy lower household servants in collusion with Berlin definitely played a part in Mayerling even if Myth of Mayerling Romantics decline to use their ‘little grey cells’ like Poriot.

mayerling bedroom

The Rudolph bedroom of Mayerling was located on the ground floor with large ground level windows with shutters hung OUTSIDE so there was no security whatsoever. The room was found totally’ dark’ with curtains mostly (?) drawn closed and no fire place lit or candles or light. So it was abnormally freezing. (????? Think about this my dear little grey cell investigators!). So the crime scene was found ‘dark’ and therefore unheated and therefore  abnormally freezing on January 30th at 8:30 AM. (Ask yourself why! Now watch Downton Abbey and come back and continue this blog.)

So to find the room dark with no fires lit even  at 8:30 AM was to find it abnormally cold considering a living houseguest was suppose to be there suffering from a bad cold and mild hypothermia after arriving to Mayerling after sweating in his fur coat while helping Bratfisch get the carriage out of a ditch. So why treat such a sick man, their master no less, so cruelly as to deliberately refuse to go into the freezing room to light a fire or candles or oil lamps or offer hot water bottles? And right beside poor Mary’s freezing au natural too! Brruuuurrh! Um? Want are your little grey cells saying to you? Um?

Yet Loschek and Bratfisch admitted they deliberately declined to offer at any point in time whatsoever in total defiance of Victorian servant duties  to build a fire or light oil lamps or boil shaving water or offer  hot water bottles  or  hot coffee to poor sick Rudolph as if the poor man was ……well….. already dead! Gosh!

And Bratfisch admitted he entered the room at 6:45 AM to wake Rudolph up despite the fact a pre-dawn hunt was scheduled. The Wolfe Brothers were coming at 4:00 because Rudolph would get up at 3:00 (4:00 being his usual time). And Wodiczka  was coming to help Weiner prepare for the hunt. Therefore Bratfisch or Loschek should have been up and about in that freezing room well before  3:00 or 3:30 to warm the room and lay out the hunting gear and bring hot water to shave and hot coffee and whatnot. Yet no one was doing any of this! Or more correctly Loschek should have been doing all of this! Rudolph had a proven pattern of raising at 4:00 anyway  (he always reported to work by 7:00). And a predawn hunt would absolutely require pre-dawn early raising. We are talking about a Father and Son who were notorious for early raising.

In fact if Bratfisch really did that wee hours of night birdy call party with Rudolph and Mary until past 2:00 AM then he would have naturally asked Rudolph if he still planned to get up at his usual 3:00 or else  4:00 or AM to rebuild a fire and be back accordingly. Ditto Loschek. Both men knew Rudolph was a proven EARLY RAISER who would want his freezing room preheated with shaving water boiled and hot coffee ready.

And why would Bratfisch be doing Loschek’s job as valet of waking up Rudolph? And why was Loschek not doing his job as valet? And why was a famous EARLY RAISER not early raising?.And why did Bratfisch not notice anything  wrong at 6:45 AM  like for instance poor bludgeoned Mary au natural ON TOP OF THE MADE BED while deliberately and spitefully declining to offer to light a fire and lamps or candles  in the freezing room for poor freezing Rudolph?

No! Bratfisch just offers  to check the weather before going to the windows (perhaps after doing something with a key at a door and use your little grey cells Mon Ami!). Then suddenly Bratfisch end up at the stables harnessing his horses despite this supposedly being a normal hunting day as if …..well…. suspecting that Hoyos would need to rush to the train station suddenly about 90 minutes later around 8:30 AM for some reason….. Gosh! I wonder if that is why he snaps ‘Rudolph is already dead!’ at Wodiczka the lead hunter who is complaining why nothing is ready for  a pre-dawn hunt? And why were the Wolfe brothers told by Loschek to go away at 4:00 when they reported for duty?


Authorities later declined to inspect the windows for forced entry. Why? But the Wolfe Brothers said the bedroom looked like a battle with blood and gore everywhere, bullets in walls, windows smashed, furniture bashed, things smashed, and blood everywhere but especially around the left side of the bed where Rudolph’s body was found slumped.

Locals told Fritsche who arrived with Dr. Widerhofer that Roll Commandos shot Rudolph from one ground level window which appeared to make sense as the body was found slumped over on the left side of the bed with a bullet in the lower base of the skull slightly behind the left ear as if Rudolph was shot from behind while praying with his head down and his hands clasped. No gun was found in Rudolph’s hand or even near it.

Fritsche said Coburg and von Slatin were frantically ordering the room cleaned up or covered up and arranged tastefully with sheets and Catholic bric-brac  just in case Francis Joseph night take it into his head to come and visit the crime scene. Why?

coburg 2

So the crime scene’s evidence  was being recklessly cleansed away or covered up or concealed. Fritsche was politely ordered to bugger off. Fritsche probably learned about the second bullet wound around the same time everyone in Vienna did: when Hoyos screamed out that Rudolph was shot and killed (not poisoned) as he ran through the Baden  train station to flag down a train. agreed to come to mayerling after everyone else invited frantically declined he was witness-of-murder-and-terrified.-If-rudolph-was-planning-suicide-then-why-did he work-frantically-up-to-last-hours-on-the hungarian-crisis-with a cold and mild hypothermia while-not-tell-hoyos-about-mary-who-was-locked-up.jpg agreed to come to mayerling after everyone else invited frantically declined he was witness-of-murder-and-terrified.-If-rudolph-was-planning-suicide-then-why-did he work-frantically-up-to-last-hours-on-the hungarian-crisis-with a cold and mild hypothermia while-not-tell-hoyos-about-mary-who-was-locked-up.jpg

By the time Hoyos reached Vienna the telegraph boys had contacted their boss Rothschild who contacted the German Embassy as others contacted the British Embassy as others contacted the Hofburg as others told the famous artist von Angeli who openly speculated how a totally shattered right temple  could possibly be considered anything but an exit wound.

bullet entry exit graph

bullet entry exit wound chart

bullet entry exit wound

bullet entry and exit wound

So by the time Hoyos stumbled into Sisi’s antechamber she was probably the last person at the Hofburg to NOT KNOW that Rudolph was dead.

sisi time of mayerling- framed

francis joseph bw-framed

Even Dr. Widerhofer shouted to Fritsche that Rudolph was KILLED as he gave the secretary a ride toward Mayerling while worrying that he could not possibly sign off on a heart attack now.

mary nude 20-framed

Mary’s au natural corpse was hauled to a back room and shoved into a laundry basket before Dr. Widerhofer could test the temperature of the freezing room (which would effect the time of her rigor mortis and livor mortis as much as her nudity). And later both doctors took turns  only casually eyeballing her au natural  rigor mortis (while apparently not understanding that the mysteriously sinister dark spots were livor mortis) while a doctor shoved one popped out eyeball back into her eye socket (a classic sign of bludgeoning). Her dark hair was matted with blood on top of her head but the doctors later signed off on a murderous shot through her left temple by a homicidal Rudolph crazed by syphilis.


In the 1950s  forensic experts including Dr. Holler, Dr. Judtmann, and Dr. Hollaender would conclude Mary’s skull contained NO BULLET SHOT THROUGH EITHER TEMPLE. The top of her skull was the killing wound. But the bone corning did not indicate bullet but rather bludgeoning which description of a popped out eye would also support. And if a revolver shot Mary through the top of her skull then the bullet should have been lodged  inside her body when buried. No  one at the time of her death described another  spectacular exit wound and indeed described her head and face as amazingly intact because all of the bloody gore was concealed by her mass of dark hair. But no bullet was found raddling among her bones in the 1950s.

mary's possible bullet wound 21

blunt force trauma

bullet exit wound description

[The top skull is a classic exit bullet hole. The lower skull is classic bludgeoning.]

Everyone remarked that once cleaned up and a coat and hat shoved over her and a sword  shoved down her back , Mary proved to be a remarkably pretty corpse. They did not even have to saw off her legs to get her sex toy  stiff corpse into the carriage to rush her away in the dark of night. They just broke her legs. Why is this important?

Bullets normally do more extensive damage than bludgeoning. Rudolph’s skull was remarkably damaged. Gisela said the entire crown of her brother’s skull was crushed. Von Angeli confirmed one entire right temple was shattered. Mary’s skull was remarkably intact. So bullets did not kill Mary. She was bludgeoned. The good doctors lied under oath on the death certificate which makes their certification of Rudolph’s death decidedly dubious — particularly as they DELIBERATELY REFUSED TO DO A REQUIRED TEST FOR RIGOR MORTIS OR LIVOR MORTIS OR STOMACH CONTENTS TEST  on Rudolph to scientifically prove his time of death.

The third time Mary was dug up her entire skull was disintegrating top down which is consistent with bludgeoning which leaves hairline fractures. But the crown right of her skull was disintegrating faster.

She was found in her au natural glory on the right side of the bed so all her murderer had to do was walk up to the right side of the bed where Mary was arranging her self for her death scene and wallop her with a champagne bottle. You know —- like the one that then bludgeoned Rudolph to explain the green glass that Grand Duke ‘Nando’ saw Dr. Widerhofer picking out of Rudolph’s corpse before the midnight autopsy so the good doctor could then claim that Rudolph was found shot and not bludgeoned . So the killer of Mary would just have to swing the bottle down and bludgeon Mary’s skull. Right top of her skull. Pick up a bottle and play murderer and then come back and finish this blog.

After the Wolfe Brothers were literally ordered to clean up the crime scene Francis Joseph ordered the Nunnery of Mayerling to be built. To this day the Nuns are under divine as well as imperial orders to pray for a soul and for a man WHO WAS KILLED. The man who was killed? Rudolph. mayerling rudolph 14

The soul to be prayed for? The man who ordered the power of state to cover up the conspiracy to commit the crime of the Fin de Siecle. Francis Joseph.

francis joseph color-framed

francis- joseph- praying-framed

Why? Read the ‘The Crime of the Fin de Siecle’ and also ‘The   Gun Crisis’ and find out why! And also enjoy the  deliciously  irrational fetish of ‘Love  & Death’  and also read ‘Mary’s Madness’ and ‘Mayerling The Myth’!

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