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451 fireman (3)

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fan fiction novella: Fahrenheit Postdate 2025

This will be a free non profit book  and a fan tribute to  ‘The Time Machine’ and ‘Soylent Green’ and  the iconic book ‘Fahrenheit 451’. This fan fiction cross over tribute is set in 2025 Eurabia which envisions Rudolph’s beloved Europe and Great Britain as a nightmare state if events presently occurring in Europe and the UK continue to their tragic conclusion. It is a dojin transformational crossover tribute and reinterprets the great masterpiece in a frightening new context while acknowledging the original genius of the original creators.

451 c


451 fireman 5

This novella portrays London in 2025 when Great Britain and Europe have become transformed into Eurabia.

arson (3)


arson night city

arson sunset


London is on fire. Night and day. Drug gangs attack each other as starving migrants scavenge among the ruins of what was once one of the world’s richest and mightiest cities.

arson ruins dark inside

burnt church

burnt ruin church

ruined churches (3)

ruined churches

ruins broken crosses

ruins day building inside

ruins europe

ruins mirrors dark souls_www.vehiclehi.com_61

ruins london

ruins london on fire

Everything has been picked to the bone. The governments have collapsed under the impact of two billion Muslim migrants from the Islamic Levant and Islamic Africa who had descended on the West to devour it. There are one half billion Muslim migrants in London alone.

arson night sweden

arson night arsonist dancing

arsonists night

Imagine the great ship ‘The Western Titanic Advance World’ has sunk on the iceberg of Global Warming. At the same time myopic EU bureaucrats like Juncker just kept rearranging  the deck chairs as The European Union sank under the weight of millions of migrants from every single Muslim failed state.

migrant flood gobal warming

Meanwhile the Asian Triad of China and South Korea and Japan erected massive barriers garnished by machine guns and artillery and mines to desperately fend off the millions of desperate Muslim migrants from sinking Malaydonesia.

migrants billion

japan banns islam

Hong Kong  is under water. So is New Zealand. India is under a pincer attack by Pakistan’s millions of staving Muslims  and billions of drowning Bangladeshis.

migrants  rioting day

migrant eloi dmanding

Australia is desperately waging war against  endless assaults by suicidal migrants in suicide vests trying to breach its mines and machine guns.

migrants soylent green 2


Meanwhile, Sutherland and the disastrous UN Agenda 21 has unleashed the Marxist Regressive Left non-solution to global warming :   redistributing the wealth of the Advanced World  by inviting the entire Third World into the West.

migrant traitors

The cash cow can now be slaughtered. The golden goose laying all of those golden eggs can be devoured. The West is a magic perpetual motion machine. A bottomless cornucopia. A magic lamp. Mommy Merkel can just keep rubbing it and bottomless wealth can erupt forever! Every migrant can rush and grab endless money! money! money! Bottomless freebies! Live on the dole forever as if kings if not caliphs!

eloi pocket money

Designer clothes! Free cell phones! Apartments! Cars! Free health  care! Every luxury! The accumulated wealth of a thousand years achieved by the hard working and industrious  West is now going to be showered on every penniless Muslim migrant from every failed state! Come and get it! Mommy Merkel has invited you!

migrants devouring money into bankrupty

And the indigenous population will mutely toil away in their factories and pay and pay and pay! They are the Morlocks! The children of the Industrial Revolution! They will toil away and work and work and work as the Muslim Migrants come by the millions to be housed in luxury hotels and be waited upon, on bent knee, as  the wealth of the West is showered down on the new Ubermensch! The new Eloi!

migrnt selfie merkel

migrant muslim-men-arriving-munich-train

migrant eloi phone

eloi mmm want money

“Give me my money!…”

eloi Wealthy-Migrants-620x465

eloi mm

The nations serve them now! The governments serve them now! The bureaucrats serve them now. They go to the front of every queue and go to the front of every line! Everything is given to them even if the indigenous tax playing people are shoved to the back of the queue and relegated to the slops! Even if each overwhelmed government bankrupts itself to hand over the wealth and assets of the nation to people who are not even tax paying citizens! The migrants are equal to the indigenous population! No! they are better than the indigenous population! They are the New Eloi!

eurabia eu arrangng the chairs

eurabia ony themslef to blame

eurabia tyranny

europa-self suicide

eurbia persiecution chrisitgn

eurabuia MultiCulti_Failed_Poll_DailyMail_18Oct2010_F75_thumb

eurabis open bordrs

eurabia suicide_by_political_correctness_ben_garrison

eurabia peace is war

eurabia open borders

dar ul islam

eurabia germany

crusades why open borders

eurabia time bombh

censorship right is racistt

eurabia  wesleyquote

censorship brain washing future

censorship of violent intimidatin

censorship by violoence


censorship fearof beingracist

censorhsip radical terror to all

censorhisp self delusion

,migrant gernades s-stabbings-explosions-violence-spikes-in-sweden-youtube-2015-10-24-12-28-31

eurabia white suicde

eurbia cowardice surrender

eurabia Book_cover_for_While_Europe_Slept

eurabia how

eurabia great replacement

eurabia mag

eurabia mmm pop 2025

eurabia migant trogan horse

eurabia dominatin

eurabia end of west

eurabia end to co existance

eurbia devoured

migrant erdogan-statement-about-islam2


migrant invasion 2

migrant betrayal-fake-friends-quotes-sad-Favim.com-1537796mirant talbot_global_government_destruction_of_national_sovereigntymigrant betrayal-fake-friends-quotes-sad-Favim.com-1537796

migrant a-nation-cannot-survive-treason-from-within


The ruins of the Eloi Dome in Eurabia 2025

The New Eloi never have to work or toil or earn their way! Everything is given to them! Free! Free! Free! They are the New Eloi! They are entitled to reap all simply because they are —– well — The New Eloi. They exist. Therefore they are! They are the New Eloi!

migrant Germany-migrant-attack-454424 train


They are the Ubermensch. ‘The Best of People’. Mohammad told them that. ‘The Best of Peoples’! The Untermensch Kafirs are suppose to serve them! They are the New Eloi! They have no skills. They have no training. They have no education. They are all but illiterate. They are dangerously diseased. They are potentially violent and even criminal.


They neither understand the West or care to! They do not value West and its history and values and ideals and culture  or legacy or wish to embrace it! The West is jahiliyyah pollution.

Dar ur harb

The West is Kufr. The utter worse of the worse.

dar ur harb map

The West is Dar ul Harb abode of War. The West is the bastion of the hated Crusaders.

crusader crusades4

crusades cologne-protest

The West is najis filth. The West is hell bound deviant and the incarnation of everything The Prophet warned his faithful against. As one German Turkish girl so proudly told the camera as the crisis started: if every single gross pig eating German vanished one day no one would even miss them….

migrant sisis flag




They are the New Eloi! The West exists to serve them! A million or two million or ten million or fifty million or half a billion or two billion can descend onto the West and the West can and indeed MUST serve them on bent knee! And hand over everything! Even bankrupt itself! Crucify itself! They are the New Eloi!

migrant eloi dmanding


The New Eloi are the ‘Best of Peoples!’ The Ubermensch of the Ummah!  The filthy Kufr Kafir  are just gross pig eater Najis shit who suppose to write the checks to support millions of Eloi! Billions of Eloi!

capitalsitc greedy_pig


The filthy Kafirs are just animals! Najis Filthy animals on par with urine and feces and rot and decay and pigs and dogs and apes and monkeys and foul blood! The Kafirs are a ‘people of no intelligence’ and  a ‘people of no morality’.

muslim najis filth

They are the ‘Vilest of creatures’. They are a people ‘gross error’ and a ‘donkey laden with books’ as every single Muslim prays (In Arabic) during Friday Prayers.


censorhisp self cowering

The Kafirs are the Morlocks. For how else can someone be the ‘Best of Peoples’ unless someone else is the worse of creatures? How else can someone be the Eloi unless there are others who are the Morlocks?

Morlock beast

The Morlocks  are suppose to toil for the Eloi and support Eloi and feed them and housed them and care for them! Hand over their assets! Hand over their cities! Hand over their homes! Hand over their nations! Hand over everything! And toil away in their hidden factories so the New Eloi can live on the dole and lounge in designer clothes and play with their expensive cell phones and complain that everything simply is not good enough!

migrant drug gangsters

migtrant dole 5

migrnt  jiahd 2

migrnnt impacting unemployment

eloi mm


migrnats dole eu

migrnt selfie merkel

migrants unemployed

migrants dole 4

migrant welfare jihad

migrant take jobs

migrant map to dole

migrant mailheadlines

migrants raping

taharrush increase migrnat


migrants attacking


taharrush white girltaharrush shame

mirant rapes-in-sweden-1



migrnts colong e riot

migrant taharrush

Muslims carrying banners declaring 'Islam will dominate the world' protest at the visit of Mr Wilders to the UK


migrant on dole 3

migrant on dole 2

migrant jahiliyyah

migrant tolerance blood

migrant do not boast economy

migranbt beating up Sweden-fight

That is what the Morlocks are for! They pay the taxes to support their masters the New Eloi! They toil for their masters the New Eloi! That is what the Dhimmis are for! To toil! To work! To pay the  jizya and ENRICH THE FAITHFUL OF THE UMMAH! That is why the jizya was invented. TO ENRICH THE FAITHFUL OF THE UMMAH! That is why the migrants openly call the dole jizya.


censorchip stokhom symdrone

eurabia jizha

censorship stay quiet be ok

eloi must have morlock

Screenshot Youtube / Schwedendemokraten / Sweden Democrats
Screenshot Youtube / Schwedendemokraten / Sweden Democrats

migrant isis 2

Dhimmitude- exterminatin



colonge lies

That is why Dhimmitude was invented. TO SERVE THE FAITHFUL OF THE UMMAH!

Dhimmitude- exterminatin

How else can the ‘Best of Peoples’ exist unless there are inferiors? How else can someone be an Eloi unless there is a Morlock to serve him?

migrant  hunger

migrnt selfie merkel

So the indigenous population of the West watched helplessly as their Advance World sink into a sea of anarchy and lawlessness as their nations were overwhelmed by millions and then billions of migrants including ‘revert’ converts from Africa desperate to escape.

migrants  rioting day

Lured and exploited and deceived by cynical Muslim people smugglers aided and abetted by Wahhabists who used the crisis caused by global warming and their own religion’s blessing of gross overpopulation to destablize the hated Kufr Kafir West (while making sure no migrant got through their own electrified fences into their own Oil Kingdoms!).

migrant destroying nations Islam-destroy-country-650


Image processed by CodeCarvings Piczard ### FREE Community Edition ### on 2015-10-21 06:58:44Z | http://piczard.com | httpmigrant murdering someone

migrant rioting arson twilight



And so the Eloi dome crumbled under the deluge of mostly male, mostly poor, mostly illiterate, mostly untrained, mostly uneducated Muslim migrants who were nevertheless amazingly self entitled from the one religion left on earth which still forbid birth control and blessed gross over population as a weapon of conquest…..


Muslims carrying banners declaring 'Islam will dominate the world' protest at the visit of Mr Wilders to the UK

migrants soylant green

So the tiny life boats called called Western nations floundered in the seas of global warming as  millions and then billions of Muslim migrants swamped them. And so the life boats sank.

migrant flood gobal warming

And now billions of migrants from every Islamic failed state were floundering as civilization broke down now that the Kafir cash cow was butchered, the Western golden goose was slaughtered, the magic perpetual motion machine of the Advanced World was broken, the European cornucopia was smashed,  as Europe crumbled into Eurabia…..

migrants beating up white

I wonder if that second generation German Turkish girl who so smugly laughed as she boasted that if every German vanished tomorrow they would not be missed…… is still laughing…….

arson day cars


arsonists rioting

In London the Morlocks fled underground into the sewers and mysterious underground tube tunnels and sealed off tube stations and lost WW II bunkers or else they fled to remote places like Wales.

manhole open (2)

manhole open

morlock tube entrance

morlock manhole

morlocks ruines

morlock ruins europe

morlock sewers entrances tube stations closed off

morlock ruins 4

morlock ruins 3morlock abandoned-mansions-other-2

morlock article-2178141-1430F1F0000005DC-539_964x639


sewer dim light

sewer mysterious


morlock sewers entrances tube stations closed off

morlock sewer the-tyburn-river

morlock tube twin tunnel [dark]- minipan[1]

morlock ww 2mailrailtunnel

morlock sewer 2

morlock SecretUndergroundLondon

morlock meeting


That left the Eloi marooned in their urban wreakage as the abandoned machines broke down. Now when they burned cars the  cars stayed burnt. Now when they burned buildings the buildings stayed burnt. Now then they looted the abandoned shops  the shops stayed looted. Now when they rioted no Morlocks appeared to clean up the mess and rebuild. Now when they confiscated banks the banks stayed gutted. Now when they confiscated Morlock homes the homes stayed trashed. And now there were no more Morlocks to pay the jizya and hand them free money. There was no more dole. No more anything.


The power broke down. The lighting broke down. The sanitation broke down. The trains broke down. The hospitals broke down. The government broke down. Everything broke down. Having never worked the Eloi now did not know how to work. How could the Eloi work? An Eloi is an Eloi! Their sole function is to be the Ubermensch ‘Best of Peoples’ How could the Ubermensch work? They were from the  Third World where everything was a cesspool so how could they survive in the ruins of the Advance World of strange machines? They were creatures of the dole. Everything was suppose to be handed to them. So the beautiful world they confiscated from the ‘D’s now simply broke down. The magical perpetual motion machine that generated money simply …….broke…… and the magic lamp simply turned into base lead….. So the Eloi were reduced to scavenging for bits and pieces of broken things as they cannibalized the ruins for barter. Searching for the last tin cans of fruit or moldering boxes of  old military rations. And having no one else to attack …. they were reduced to attacking each other….

migrants rioting night

punk chaos.jpg

The Morlock Jews fled. The Morlock  White Van Blokes fled. The Morlock ‘Collars’ (The Blue Collar ex-Labor industrial workers and the Pink Collar female workers)  fled. The Morlock geeks who ran the computers fled. The Morlock nerds who ran the research and development bastions fled. The Morlock doctors and nurses fled. The Morlock sanitation workers fled. The Morlock engineers fled. The Morlocks electricians fled. The Morlock capitalists and bankers and insurers fled.  The Morlock high street shopkeepers fled. Even the Morlock Anarchists fled. Even the Morlock Asians fled. Even the Morlock Hindus and Sikhs fled. Well. Perhaps the Morlock Freemasons did not flee. Everyone knew they were MI and had microphones planted everywhere to monitor the decline and fall of the Eloi . And everyone suspected they were the mysterious Urban Myth Whisperers.  But everyone else who did not want to be brutalized and exploited and enslaved fled. Even the brutalized baby boomer Dhimmis started to flee. Or else they cowered in their burned out churches and wondered how they ended up homeless after opening their borders to the homeless….

ruins burned out day

And The New Eloi were  reduced to devouring each other because there is nothing left to devour…Fire-in-Slum_Masoodpur

garbage 2

green park migrants

ruins piciaddly train station

Migrants-mobs-attack-a-Christian place

sewage boy



So now the migrant camps covered ever inch of London, its national buildings which were now gutted, its once rich hotels which were now gutted, its once beautiful parks which were gutted,  its once high streets which were now looted and burned, its once great churches which were now looted and burned except for St Pauls and Westminster Abbey which were now mosques, and Buckingham Palace which was now the fortified bastion of the Caliph of Anglestan. The once rich nation was now a failed state: driven into bankruptcy, its indigenous citizens either fled or else were reduced to starving Dhimmis cowering in the shadows, their homes and riches long ago confiscated by the ‘Best of Peoples’ —

Muslims carrying banners declaring 'Islam will dominate the world' protest at the visit of Mr Wilders to the UK

—who were now reduced to devouring Halal R: rats which devoured the carcasses of the dead and dying. Islamic Soylent Green at a more primal level.


migrant corpses

migrant child do you want me


migrant demographics1vi-vi

Muslims carrying banners declaring 'Islam will dominate the world' protest at the visit of Mr Wilders to the UK

eurabia dominatin

sword verse

migrant erdogan-statement-about-islam2

sword verse 4

sword verse 3

sword verse 2

The last religion in the world which still blessed gross over population and saw its existence as a war for the conquest and domination of the entire world  finally succeed in conquering the much hated Kufr Kafir West. The ‘peace’ of ‘submission’ to the ‘Divine Slavery’ was achieved at last. The Trojan Horse migrant crisis was a brilliant scheme and it worked. The West was dead. The West was Eurabia.The Caliphate ruled the hated West. The Caliphate ruled Eurabia. And while there were rumors of redheaded ‘The Last Prince of Wales’ and some ragtag army of anarchists somewhere the Caliph of Anglestan did not take it seriously. Nor did the ‘revert’ Merkel The Hated. Or the ‘revert’ Juncker The Dictator of Brussels. Or the ‘revert’ Sutherland who ran the UN for the Caliphate. The Sultan of Istanbul was triumphant at last. Islam was triumphant at last. Islam conquered the Advanced World  with the one weapon it could not fight against: gross over population.

migrant invasion-islamique

migrant millions

migrant mobs

migrants  rioting day

migrants beating up white

migrant murdering someone


migrant rioting arson twilight

migrants staving

So what happens now……

migrants homeless on street

Everywhere there are starving migrants — and nothing else. It is the Islamic version of Soylent Green. All that is left is to eat are the rats which eat the corpses. And the feral child packs are not bothering with the middle man Halal R anymore. They are devouring the corpses. The world is devolving as it is devouring itself…..


This nightmare world is seen through the eyes of a doomed Muslim fireman as he wanders through Soylent Green London covered by over one half billion Muslim migrants. What happened to fabled Lost Europe? What happened to the Demi-paradise of Great Britain? He struggles to remember his childhood when the demigods lived and London was a wonderland. Now Lost Europe is a fairy tale turned into a nightmare….



lost europe  art

lost eruope _sheherezade_2969685b

lost europe baroque-opera house

lost europe civilization

lost europe European Art european soul

lost europe Fallen_Beauty_II_by_fibreciment

lost europe gothic art 4

lost europe impressionsim-012b

lost europe oil ensive woman

lost europe painting

lost europe pera-house-001

lost europe Renaissanceart

lost europe ruin staircase of treasure house

lost europe theatre-interior

lost europe the-course-of-empire-destruction-e1435465202331-640x449

lost uk countryside


lost uk british lion

lost uk england


lost uk london richness (2)

lost uk picidilly (3)

lost uk union jack

This demi paradise has been  invaded by an army of over two billion without weapons —the ultimate Trojan Horse — and Lost Europe was overwhelmed and buried under the onslaught. Naive Britain was overwhelmed and buried under the onslaught. No good deed goes unpunished. By the time  the indigenous population realized they were being conquered it was too late…

migrant a-nation-cannot-survive-treason-from-within


lost europe vemeer

migrant betrayal-fake-friends-quotes-sad-Favim.com-1537796

lost europe warning eurbia

sword verse

crusades fiery war

‘Why didn’t the fools fight back when they had a chance?’ the fireman muses hopelessly. ‘Why did they fall for the BIG LIE?’

,migrant gernades s-stabbings-explosions-violence-spikes-in-sweden-youtube-2015-10-24-12-28-31

merkel the hated

migrant attacking Screen-Shot-2016-01-22-at-12.18.45-PM.png

migrants fense


crusades bigger boat radical islam

crusades churchill quote

crusades fight back against islamism

censorship swedish political correctness

crusades fight-back

censorship thought control

crusades islam will dominate and rule

crusades IslamicHolyWar

crusades jefferson

crusades maher

crusades noting to do with islam

crusades poster

crusades rapeugees

crusades templarjihad

crusades thfight back

crusades water cannon protestors



censorship papers



migranbt beating up Sweden-fight


Sweden-Library destroyed

migrant arab illiteracy

‘Why did they fall for the big lie? F%&$#! Not a brain surgeon in the bunch! The hordes were mostly male and illiterate and untrainable! Even The German Security Services said so! Even the EU admitted that even after ten years the vast majority of the horde would still be on the dole! Illiterate! Untrainable! F#&@! The highest drop out rates were  Muslims! Both migrants and second generation and third generation! The worse dole abusers were Muslims! I should know! I f&*$ing dropped out! And the worst drug gangs were Muslim! F$^&! Why did they fall for the big lie?’


censorship brain washing future

‘It was such fun to destroy what the Kafirs loved …. until we destroyed it all! Allah! why didn’t the damn fools at least try to stop us!’ the fireman mused. ‘Even I knew I was a rotter! We all were! Ingrates the lot of us! Half of us were on the dole full time and 80% of all of the Muslim migrants overwhelming Lost Europe were sucking the teats of Western social welfare for some sort of freebie benefit! Parasites the lot of us! The New Eloi as that movie I saw once! F#&*@! Even I dropped out of school….. to burn cars full time!

burning-car 4

arsonists rioting sunset


fanaticsm posing as holiness


grim hate--

juncker betrayer

migrant rioting arson twilight

migrant sharia london

migrant sliting throat.png

migrant slitting throat behind reporter.png

migrant rape

migrants you-will-be-assimilated1

migrant violence

migrants  burning cross

‘Our mosques and our madrassas taught us to hate them all! Every single Najis filthy Jahiliyyah polluted Kufr Kafir pig and dog! For that is what our mosques and madrassas really taught us behind the backs of the damn fools! We are the ‘Best of Peoples’! The Ubermensh Ummah! We were the New Eloi! And everyone else is the ‘Vilest of vile creatures!…..

pig man 2

Morlock beast

morlock monster kafir primal fear

They were our White Slaves! The miserable ‘D’s who were suppose to toil away forever as we lounged on dole! We laughed at them! We called the dole jizya! The damn fools! Why didn’t they get it? WE were the New Eloi! The Ubermensch Ummah! They were demoted to the dirty ‘D’s! The Untermensch  Dhimmis! The pasty face white Morlocks! They were suppose to toil away in their factories and serve us…..


….How I laughed at them as they slapped themselves silly for using hate speech of even so much as timidly criticizing us or worrying about open borders or the possible effects of  unlimited migration of potentially millions of Muslim migrants or even billions of Muslim migrants or even timidly worrying what might happen considering the fact every single Jew and Christian was being exterminated in the Islamic Levant and every single day in Pakistan a Christian or Hindu or Sikh girl was dragged off the streets and raped and ‘converted’ to become a sex slave…. And then guilt ridden they would flinch and then shut up! Fear was now ‘hate speech’! Quite reasonable fear was now ‘racism’! Despite the fact no Kafir was safe in any Muslim nation on earth! Not even the so-called ‘moderate’ nations! No Kafir was safe from persecution ….. from us …..

fear of the other

…. Arse#%&! Didn’t they know we cursed them every Friday during prayers for being a people of ‘gross error’ and ‘a donkey laden with books!” The fireman wiped a tear away from one gaunt eye. ‘Allah ! The worse drug gangs were and still are Muslim! Though how the gangs can still get Afghan drugs when we are all starving to death is a mystery even the Urban Myth Whisperers can’t explain. Though I would not be surprised if the Morlocks buy the foul stuff and doctor it before handing it out for free!

Everyone knows the damn drugs eat the flesh of the users! It is almost as bad as the flesh eating disease spreading in the  Halal R! Allah! We are dying by the hundreds! You can’t walk the streets without wading through sewage and feces and garbage and corpses now! F$%&! And we used to jeer the ‘D’s for being najis! We are turning into najis! And the damn drug gangs are spreading it! The poison! That says it all…. We were such hypocrites and ingrates! The lot of us! Look what we have done! We came from failed states to this beau place and we destroyed it! We turned this beau place into a clone of every pig-shitty hell hole we came from! Why didn’t someone try to stop us…..’

regressive left see no evil Skeletons

‘….Instead the damn fools believed the Regressive Left, the aging baby boomers. But they were suicidal in their hated for themselves. So just because they wanted to commit cultural and biological suicide all of Europe and Great Britain should too!….’



destruction paris

desttructon usa

‘…..The Regressive Left imposed censorship  against ‘hate speech’ and ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’. And Google and Facebook and Twitter and Youtube said it was a moral crusade against the Nazi rightists! Liars! It was to support Merkel after the shocking Cologne New Year Eve’s Rapes and Assaults! One thousand Muslim migrants raping or assaulting or beating up over eight hundred poor Germans! Over five hundred women were molested or raped! Their boys friends had their skulls stomped on!

merkel the hated

taharrush shame

migrants attacking

colonge lies


Taharrush gang rampaging in front of the sacred Christian Cologne Church! And in a dozen other cities in Germany! And in Austria and Sweden and Finland and Denmark and every other place! Our third finger salute to the damn fools who invited us in! And what happened next! Silence! Only the Social Media dared to break the story! So what happened next Total censorship! To keep Merkel The Hated in Power! to keep the EU dictators in power! Even I knew that and I am an illiterate!…’

merkel nazi

crusades citizens dont cound

censorship reality

censhorship books

censhorship google

censorhsip internet

censorhsip mullah

censorship  jail

censorship authors

censorship bart

censorship book

censorship cartoons mohammad

censorship cartoons

censorship charlie

censorship democracy

censorship eye chart

censorship facebook

censorship fight back

censorship freedom hell

censorship internet

censorship isis

censorship Islam-behead

censorship islamic to block all social media

censorship islamic

censorship political correctness

censorship social media

censorship speech

censorship political-correctness


‘….Why didn’t the fools fight back? Couldn’t they connect the dots? Straight to the logical conclusion! Me! A Fireman who burns boko haram books and all the rest of the jahiliyyah pollution of Lost Europe and the Lost demi paradise of Great Britain!

burning books 4

‘….. I would have warned them…. but like all of the rest of the ingrates I sat on the fence…. first they came for the Jews but I did not protest because a good Muslim is only loyal to Islam and the Ummah and the Caliphate …. and then they came for the Freemasons….. then the unionists …. the white van blokes ….. blue collar blokes which Labor betrayed when they sold out to become the Muslim Party ….then the geeks…. the nerds …. the  Kippers…. Douglas Murray…. Bernard Lewis….. it was a pity I had to burn him at the stake. …. poor old man ……then the writers ….. the old rockers died badly except for the few who made it to Israel where they formed the last Rebel Radio on earth…..the few newspapers which dared to break the censorship against ‘hate speech’ and ‘racism’ ….. The Daily Mail was fun to burn down…. how paper burns …… the Daily Express ….. The Telegraph ….. The Times was a bore to burn down….. the building was  empty by then. …. and the internet censors shut down the e-site so very easily……

censorship facebook

…..then Youtube shut down the last voices ….. Voltaire’s Ghost, The Golden One …. Sargon of Akkad, Stefan Molyneux, he died so very badly …. Allah….. cursing his executioner …..Rebel Media went out with a whimper when they were trapped in a warehouse and burned alive…. The Gates of Vienna were machine gunned during a fierce gun battle to the death. …. Paul Joseph Watson put up a fight to the end so his executioner could not film a video of it….. though how that gloriously defiant bastard managed to knife the f$&*@ with the knife is beyond me. ….. Tommy Robinson was machined gun to death as he tried to escape across the roof tops…… Breitbart and Gatestone were beheaded at The Tower ….. the dry moat so full of corpses by then blood filled the moat is a river……then the few conservative politicians who dared to defy Dhimmi Dave as he sold his country down the drain……

behind the mask pure hate-.jpg

……It was the survival of the fittest fence sitter! …. how could the foolish Kafirs really think we Muslims would fight for them? ….. we could not even fight to save ourselves in the end from the tail which has always wagged the haram dog: the Islamic fanatics led by the Wahhabists. Most Germans were peaceful but all it took was a tiny violent minority called the Nazi….. Most Muslims are peaceful …. but all it took was a tiny violent minority …… and the tiny violent minority who hated the UK and everything it ever represented was over 30%……  and over 60% of all Muslims even in the UK openly said they hated Common Law and wanted some sort of Sharia…..with Sharia forced on everyone …..and damn but we did force Sharia on everyone!

migrant protestdie for m

migrant ummah


How could anyone think we gutless wonders would dare to stand up and fight for Great Britain? Hell!  Anyone who dares to stand up to the real face of Islam is a Takfir Kafir! An Apostate! And you know what happens to them! And now I look around and there is no one left to protest  ….. to save me….. ‘


eurabia i tried to warn you

eurabia on fire


His unconscious footsteps are drawn toward a hidden bastion: The Last Treasure House of Lost Europe. He remembers when the ruins of an all but destroyed city were once a beautiful place of bright lights and beautiful Kafirs walking hand in hand ….. before the acid attacks of course….. and Kafirs in rich cars…. before jizya …..and stores filled by pretty things…. before Ghazi Razzia…. and bright neon lights …. before the lights went out…. and music ….. before it was banned ….. dancing …. before it was banned. He remembers one of his first jobs as a fireman: to burn down the haram Haymarket Theater.


Inside he met the last renegade actors. Because of course the Humanities were banned as haram now. Art was banned and every museum was burned. The libraries were banned and  burned. If a book supports the Koran it is redundant and should be burned. And if the book contradicts the Koran it is heretic and should be burned. Islam blesses the illiterate for was not The Prophet illiterate….. Music was banned  and musicians and singers were burned. Theater was banned and actors were burned. Poetry was banned and poets were burned. Ballet was banned and dancers were burned . Walking hand in hand was banned and even chess was burned. But as the fireman sprayed his kerosene over the Greek Temple to the Arts of Theater he met the last renegades who refused to flee as the Fire Captain prepared to light the bier. They recited the last fragment of the last banned author….

lost europe the-hollow-crown

demi england

The fireman walks though the nightmare as he remembers his tragic life as a young migrant of an abusive father and a brutalized mother. He remembers dropping out of school to join a fashionable Muslim drug gang and how he became famous as a young  Youtube arsonist when the Kafirs had so much money they could afford to rebuild after every Muslim riot and arson and looting and car burning…..

burning cars (3)


Now there were only endless migrant camps which were endless slums as London devolved…

green park camp fires

green park slums sewage

…..And the fireman was paid to burn now. It was one of the only jobs left in fact. Besides the sinister Morality Police who flew over ruined London to machine gun anyone who refused to pray five times a day when the loud speakers bellowed. They also run the Tower Execution Site and got the best pickings when raped females were held over to be stoned to death. ‘Whatever thy right hand possesses do with as you will!’ War booty and prisoners can be raped the night before execution. The mounts of corpses were growing by the day. And the Urban Myth Whisperers whispered that was where  the terrible flesh eating disease Feralism  started……


Shooting people and Burning books….

burning books (2)

burning books (3)

burning books (4)

burning books 4 (2)

burning books 4

‘…But the old military rations are running out and soon even we Firemen will be reduced to eating Halal R….. and Halal R is contaminated with the disease of …..Feralism….. and I will rather shoot myself when I see the first evidence of Feralism ….. an oozing sore  on my flesh …..rather than become…. one of them….’

So the fireman worried as he marched through the Muslim Max Max Mayhem toward some unknown thing which was calling him as if a siren toward his doom. ‘Why do I think I am going to die tonight?….’ He fears being devoured by The Ferals who are diseased migrants. They both spread the fearsome disease and manifest it as if a nightmare out of some old Kafir movie. The Urban Myth Whisperers whisper that feralism was some mutation spawn from some dreadful hybrid of small pox and mad cow. The Urban Myth Whisperers whisper that the Morlocks created it to devour the New Eloi.

And certainly the fireman has seen strange things that hint that underground London is inhabited by ……them. The Morlocks. Sewer manholes which glowed as if lighted from underground. Yet London was now a dark city except for the arson fires.

manhole 2

morlock manhole

Rumors of mysterious trains rumbling underground.

morlock train

But there were no more trains and the Underground was sealed off.

morlock tube twin tunnel [dark]- minipan[1]

Rumors  that the abandoned Machine Building — Lloyds —- was still inhabited.

morlock MysteriousWarehouse

But insurance was outlawed and every worker of Lloyds was supposed to have been beheaded. Rumors that abandoned banks were still inhabited — the mysterious underground vaults were still full of money when London was reduced to barter. And the Morlocks could reach them by mysterious underground tunnels and vault doors.

morlock tube entrance

morlock article-2178141-1430F1F0000005DC-539_964x639

morlock ww 2mailrailtunnel

morlock entry

sewer the-tyburn-river

‘And there are rumors of mysterious White Van Blokes in gas masks as if automatons. totally emotionless. Therefore terrifying…..

morlock steampunk-mask-12

…..But only the Caliph and his cronies and the drug gangs still had cars. So who are driving the mysterious vans coming and going into sewer tunnels or else abandoned warehouses?…..

morlocks ruines

morlock soldier

morlock SecretUndergroundLondon

‘….I secretly looked at a book once! Before I burned it! The book had pictures of old  WWII underground bastions and defense bunkers! Don’t you see? WW II! War! So the Morlocks could be using war fortresses located deep underground!

morlock niagara-tunnel

…..And the Urban Myth Whisperers whisper that the ‘D’s just pretended the machines broke down. Then they came back and packed them up and hauled them away. That is why nothing is left which works anymore…..

morlock steampunk_machine_by_illustratorg-d4hhdie

morlock machine

morlock machine 2


….. And there are rumors of mysterious ‘Collars’ in factory boiler suits and welder helmets, lights revealing burnt faces, or else smaller steampunk creatures with weird masks concealing acid ravished faces…..

morlock welder better man

morlock warrior armor

morlock steampunk girl

…..And the Whisperers whisper that the ‘D’s who used to work at the factories and run the machines behind the scenes, the big machines, the small machines, all of the machines, as we lounged on the dole and played with our stolen cell phones just packed everything up and hauled it away and broke the rest so we would be helpless because we never bothered to learn how to work…..

morlock steampunk man

morlock pink collar


A CCTV image appears to capture outline and piercing eyes of an animal dubbed Messie which is roaming Merseyside’s sewers

….. And the Urban Myth Whisperers whisper that the sewers are inhabited…..

morlock matrix-tunnel

….. and there are rumors whispered of the Undead: pale in their coffin moldering black suits and stinking of formaldehyde  creeping around.

morlock revenant

sewers entrances tube stations closed off

…. Are they ghosts of the computer geeks? Or are they the Morlocks?…

morlock guttersnipe who are they really-- they are not us

morlock guttersnipe don't you see them ---  they are killing us by inches

…. and there are rumors that mysterious hospitals still exist and the back market still sells life saving drugs. But the price is high: pilfered and looted art work or priceless books or looted Christian relics or stolen pieces of the lost British legacy and history which might have escaped the jahiliyyah  fires or else illegal CDs of ‘Les Miz’ or ‘Christian Gerharer the great German lyric baritone singer who Merkel The Hated ordered executed by firing squad for daring to sing Mozart….



….. and there are rumors of strange najis Pig hybrid man creatures in boiler suits oozing najis filthy drool and slimy sweat  so repulsive any good Muslim would cringe. And rumors of strange najis dog hybrid man creatures in boiler suits oozing drool  as if rabies. When the Parks were being flattened to turn into migrant camps the  haram monuments were suppose to be destroyed but I saw the creatures hauling them away…. or at least I think saw them…. but they were so revolting I ran away. Pigs. Dogs. They are the biggest haram taboos of all…’

pig man 2

dog hybred

morlock monster kafir primal fear

…. And there are rumors of strange ape- like creatures slithering around as if the now vanished but much loathed Hindus and Sikhs had morphed into monsters….

morlock steampunk ape

morlock guard

…..As if all of the ‘D’s we always hated have morphed into monsters such as only we Muslims can fear to the depths of our souls! our nightmares come to life!’

Morlock beast

But right now the Ferals were infinitely more scary to the Fireman. ‘The brain goes first….. but the living corpses can stagger about for quite a while ….. and The Ferals eat anything…. or anyone…..’

zombie fire


zombies- eating dead druggies

The fireman muses how arrogant the ‘Best of Peoples’ used to be. ‘We called the Kafirs Najis filth. As rotten and vile as urine and feces and rot and decay and pigs and dogs and apes and monkeys. ‘The vilest of base animals’ and ‘A people of no morality’ and ‘A people of no intelligence’ . Disgusting pig eating human shit who if they vanished one day would never be missed! We boasted of the Great Displacement as we flooded Europe and the UK. We boasted of the Great Replacement as we overwhelmed them and buried them. Stripping them of citizenship and turning them into loathsome ‘D’s. Taxing them with jizya until we took everything away from them. Their cities. Their cultural treasures. Their homes. Their savings. Their laws. Their heritage. Their very identities. Even their children. ‘Whatever thy right hand possesses do with as you will!’ And we did. We raped the f&*%# out of them! But now look! In hindsight —- who was the worse human cancer?….’

white cancer

we are surrounded by enemies-.jpg

‘…….I used to go spelunking in the ruins to try to find Lost Europe! Something not looted yet! Something not burned yet! Something not vandalized yet! Something of Lost Europe before it turned into this nightmare! Eurabia! ……

morlock ruins europe

morlock ruins 4

morlock ruins 3

…..but I never found anything but ghosts. Ruins. And …..sometimes in the dust footprints! And ….. mysterious symbols…..


behind the mask logo-


guttersnipe bloody-


patriotic total sacrifice

generation-identitaire[ roman boar

punk chaos




….. After I visited one ruin a second time I found a new poster as if warning me! ….

guttersnipe -- morlocks rule us.

……What does that mean? I can’t read! I don’t know what it says? What does it mean?…. Is it warning me? Is it a threat? Did they know I was trying to…. meet them?….

morlock meeting

……No! No! I really don’t want to meet them! The Morlocks!

9 leeford lover agnes grey inventor ray gun

morlock 6 ceo side

mr. maylie

morlock grade 2 security

morlock grade 4 programer engineer

Seeing the starving ‘D’s are bad enough! I feel so …..guilty! But to actually meet a Morlock! What sort of monster would they be?…..


….. Like I saw in that old movie once as a child? Or would the monsters be simply ‘D’s who are fighting back?…..

morlock geek

morlock warrors

……..Would I even dare meet one? Hell! they would kill me on sight! A damn fence sitter! The only time I ever fought back was in disguise once during the Guy Fawkes Riots! And that was only because I was masked like everyone else! A coward just pretending to be a Takfir Kafir! I doubt if I would even have the guts to meet an enraged Baby Boomer! Let alone a genuine Morlock! We Eloi are cowards! That is why we riot en mass! Mobs of cowards! Because that is what bullies and thugs really are….. cowards…..

morlock bastion

…..If I actually found the door to the headquarters of the Morlocks I would not even have the guts to go inside…. or would I …..’

morlock manhole

‘…..The only people who are fighting back now are the soldiers of the ‘Last Prince of Wales’ and they are attacking Manchester now. Burmingham has gone deadly quiet. But The nightly Call of the Faithful say the rag tag army of that redhead can’t take London — even if we are starving. The roads blocked. The Chunnel cut off. And all of the latest migrant ships are sinking because someone laid mines. Sure. Sure. They paper their propaganda all over the festering city to scare us but the Urban Myth Whisperers whisper that mullahs have everything in control even if the Caliph is rumored to be preparing to flee. The propaganda is scary enough ….. so does a part of me actually want the Harbi Kafirs to win?…..’

generation identity  next-time-we-fight-its-side-by-side[1]

generation identity book

generation identity cologne protests

generation identity

generaton identity graffitti

generation identity europe

generation identity who am i (2)


generation identity speaker images[9] (2)

generation identity loud speakers

generation identity logo



generation identity TradYouth logo[1]

generation identity germanic The_Orthodox_Nationalist_logo[1]

generation identity hand holds symbol (2)

generation identity i want you

So what will the fireman discover in that doomed place which is calling out to him as one of the last decrepit Baby Boomers reveals the last fragile treasures to a fireman whose job is to incinerate the haram Najis filthy Jahiliyyah barbarity which Lost Europe incarnates?

451 firemen

451 fireman burning

arson art burning

arson fireman

mansion alley

As the fireman discovers a mysterious alley way …..

mansion approach

….revealing a mysterious courtyard …

mansion exterior apprach

…. and a mysterious abandoned mansion not yet looted ….

mansion window

…. he looks through a window and breaks in…..

mansion hall

…. and sees a mysterious hallway …. and he hears a faint sound of …. music ….

mansion dim stairs

….he approaches ….

mansion books window reading room

…..boko haram! books….

mansion Library-ghosts-The-Manor-library-was-very-dusty


mansion Musicroom1

….music haram….

mansion drawing room

…. art haram ….

madame x

lost europe beauty

‘….. until this moment I have never see Lost Europe unlooted and destroyed ….’.

mansion vandalized art

‘……where am I? …….’

mansion gramophone

…. the mysterious music pulls him deeper into the forbidden…..

mansion books on staircase

manison piles of books 003

mansion book splender

mansion book_pile

mansion books

mansion decatant elegrance

mansion library Piles-of-books-in-a-private-college-library_www.LuxuryWallpapers.net_

mansion A_Mad_Woman

…. and the fireman meets the mad baby boomer!

‘Do you hear him!’



‘You are Gerhaher?’

‘No! It is Gerhaher singing!’

‘This is haram! And if I stay I am damned!’

‘But then why else have you come? For now it is too late! For you have heard the last song the great Gerhahar ever sang as he faced his firing squad!’

‘Then I am damned …… for the music is so heartbreaking I cannot pull myself away! It is a siren calling out to me! Pulling me to my ruination!’

‘No less than I! For I am so lonely I am reduced to showing you, a fireman, my treasures! The last treasures of this doomed city!……

mansion burning inside

mansion Burning Down


why did the fireman’s unconscious hand seize this book? …..

abc book

….. as he is forced to confront the Fire Captain and expose his terrible secret at last …. his most guilty sin …… which he has concealed for years ….. hidden in a secret pocket inside his fireman tunic …… a small child’s book of the most unspeakable evil a citizen of Eurabia can possibly possess ……. a book of the alphabet!

…….as guns blaze out …..

david copperfield blood

….. as the fireman confronts his fate …….

old-japanese  should I tell him

…. And another soul is also confronting her fate as well. ‘Should I tell him?’ she whispers to the robots in their strange silk and masks. ‘For I again smell the perfume of death such as I have not smelled since I was two years old and the first bomb devoured my world……’

And who is the mysterious artist painting ‘The Death Of Europe’ for one of the very last organic relics of Japan as sentient robots garbed in the rich couture and exquisite masks of Noh flutter around the aging relics of humanity in Japan obvious to the thermonuclear crisis occurring in the top secret inner bastion of Islamic NATO?

noh mask shadows

nato compute screenshot_defcon

Nuclear declaration of islamic war

nuke city

nuclear-war night city

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